Dear all,

Due to the current fight against COVID-19 in Argentina, and in the rest of the world, Oxobox has decided to keep our usual services going, but in a remote environment.

If you need to contact us by phone, please bear in mind our phone numbers are different for the time being. We encourage you to reach us by Whatsapp or email before contacting us on the phone.

Please, find below our current contact channels:

Administrative matters, payments to suppliers and invoicing: Kika Viarnes, (+ 54 9 11) 3087 4112,

Awards and Festivals: (+ 54 9 11) 58950909, Gonzalo Guzman,

Netflix matters and Project Management: Mariela Pennacchio, (+ 54 9 11) 5938 4332,

Advertisement distribution to the media: Diego Primero (+ 54 9 11) 3087 2020,

New clients and business inquiries: Ramiro Fernandez (+ 54 9 11) 3087 2090,

Reception of contents in HDD: Pablo Schegtel, (+ 54 9 11) 4149 7471

Our offices remain open, but we're only attending infrastructure matters. Our office number is (+ 54 9 11) 4511 3380.

The Oxobox Team


Oxobox’s functional design and scalability satisfy the needs of every user involved in content production or advertising.


The challenges of media production are enormous. Oxobox works by centralizing information to make sure everyone working on a project is up to date and in sync.

Oxobox manages the workflow between a client, a creative agency and the advertiser. It works by setting up working online infrastructures for tasks like briefing, feedback, giving customer presentations, and deliverable acceptance management.



Once filming is done, post-production demands can be overwhelming. Oxobox has a center to organize and follow up editing, animation, visual effects, mixes and more.

Our exclusive player is able to play HD videos with subtitles and scene navigation; audio tracks can be heard in search mode. PDF files and Powerpoint style manuals are directly viewed in the browser and downloads and uploads of the original file to FTP servers are done through ultra-broadband internet.



Oxobox can’t make music, but it can be a useful tool for the coordination and management of music production.

Our exclusive player has a search function and an option to convert the original file and download it in different formats. Besides, Oxobox covers processes related to file creation, monetized distribution, audiovisual stock and its attached legal documentation.



Creativity and collaboration go hand in hand. Oxobox can improve your productivity by working in integrated campaigns that eliminate feedback waiting time between clients and your team.

Oxobox’s functionality, design, and scalability satisfy the needs of users from diverse industries. We cover different processes related to creation, monetized distribution, audiovisual stock and its attached documentation.



Oxobox helps you keep an efficient and precise follow-up of your digital assets; we can guarantee a professional service and a timely delivery.



Closing a deal is your first priority. Oxobox allows you to create and send presentations easily and measure the effectivity of your reels. Follow-up and taking advantage of business deals are easier than ever.



Your time is yours, we’ll help you seize it. We know what you need. When you work freelance, resources tend to be limited. Time, money, equipment and personnel may be moving targets. Oxobox coordinates all your multimedia resources and the information about your projects on a web-based application. Keeping up with your projects is easier than ever. We act as an information central to make sure everyone working on a project is up to date and in sync.